During Raksha Bandhan, constant fights, a constant desire to kill one another, and the suppressed emotion hidden behind walls all come to the surface; brand advertisements for 2022 reflect these and many other emotions.

Brands have constructed stories of siblinghood with careful consideration as they move more toward emotive storytelling for holiday campaigns to cut through the noise. A few campaigns have highlighted unusual connections in addition to conventional brother-sister relationships.

By leveraging the feelings of relationships to emphasize their presence in the minds of consumers, brands have upped the creative ante to elevate the occasion beyond #SiblingLove. The Raksha Bandhan campaigns for 2022 are as follows.


While Cadbury has been able to associate the brand with every festival, their Raksha Bandhan campaigns have always been a little more unique. This year, the #ConnectedRakhi campaign from Cadbury Celebration added Bluetooth functionality. This creation precisely combines technological capabilities with user emotion.


Every sister will connect with the endearing quirks that Manyavar presents in the #RakhiKaBroCode initiative, which highlights the interactions and daily teasing between brother and sister pairs.


The rakhi campaign was started by FlowerAura as a show of appreciation for the unsung heroes who make our daily lives so much safer and easier. This ad is masterfully designed with a hidden message to memorialize the special relationship we have with the brothers and sisters of our choice rather than just limit the celebration of rakhi to our closest relatives.


The industry leaders in social expression, Archies, are celebrating Raksha Bandhan this year by launching “Rishte Kare Mazboot,” a digital campaign all over their social media platforms. This will make the celebrations more remarkable. The advertising campaign highlights the unique bond between siblings, who stand by one another no matter what.

Gulf Oil Lubricants

As part of the “Gulf Superfleet Suraksha Bandhan” campaign, Gulf Oil Lubricants celebrates this Raksha Bandhan by providing a healthcare program to the trucker community. In order to raise awareness about the value of health and wellbeing, a brand film called “Vachan Surakshaka” was released. The emotional bond between a brother and a sister is shown in this movie, as well as how the two have looked out for and supported one another during significant life events.