Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most anticipated and treasured festivals. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated on August 31st this year, and brands have always been a part of the digital celebration by engaging customers with campaigns and posts as the Lord of Invocation is invited into our hearts and homes. As the nation celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi in full force on Wednesday after a two-year hiatus, brands joined the festive fervor on social media. To participate in the celebrations, brands from various industries shared creative posts on their official social media handles. Some of them are listed below:


Red Label Tea, is an initiative to promote togetherness. Geometry Encompass’s campaign, inspired by real-life experiences, delves into deep-seated human biases. It incentivizes everyone to broaden their perspectives and let go of their preconceived notions in order to come together. 

#FindLife campaign

The follow-up to its 2019 Independence Day campaign, #SoundsOfMakingIndia, has been released by Godrej Group. It records all the sounds associated with the manufacturing ecosystem that represents advancement. The Godrej Group’s journey, which has played a crucial role in India’s development, is told in the #SoundsOfMakingIndia documentary. The movie incorporates various businesses of one of India’s most recognizable brands and offers viewers a chance to hear the many sounds, or the beating hearts of progress, that truly define India.

#BadlaavHumseHai campaign

AU Bank sparks a small but significant shift in the dynamics of our culture and family values. Indeed, there is no better time or occasion to effect this change than Ganeshotsav, a perfect time to start something new and unify the country in the spirit of Badlaav.

Swiggy India

To depict Lord Ganesha, brands modified their logos and used facets of their brands and offerings. Swiggy crafted a Ganesha out of paper napkins.


McDonald’s chose potato wedges to create an abstract image of the Lord Ganesha form.