Through Women’s Day 2022 Campaigns, gender-based challenges like biased expectations, harassment, stereotypes, and others are being creatively addressed to activate the potential of persuasion.

Bias, stereotyping, and discrimination are all weaved into the narratives of brands and agencies, which tell stories that highlight these concerns while also recognizing women’s accomplishments.

We have analyzed #WomensDay2022 and found some great insights.

The total number of mentions of this trend is 62.3K, with 99.09% on Twitter, 0.53% from Instagram, 0.37% from Facebook, 0.01% from YouTube percent, and 9.09 percent. With 1.5M total engagements, 40.08 % came from YouTube, 24.46% came from Instagram, 17.98% from Facebook and 17.9% came from Twitter.

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This trend has 49.6K unique authors, with its largest percentage coming from Twitter.

When it comes to this trend, 74% of people think it’s a good idea, 19% think it’s neutral, and 8% give negative.

According to this trend on mood, 87% of people are active, 9% are anxious, and 4% are calm.

On Women’s Day, the brands took to social media to mark the occasion. Here are a few examples of brand creative on this theme.

 Oyo shared women’s day creative.

Giving a News Update to everyone who wonders “When is Men’s Day?”, burger king shared this creative!

Google India launched a campaign called #SearchForChange.

 Dunzo launched a campaign for everyday businesswomen called #SheCan.

Ariel continues to populate its marquee property ‘Share The Load,’ weaving on their consistent thread of gender conventions for domestic duties with a new story with their new campaign #SeeEqual. “If guys can share the load equally with other men, why aren’t they doing it with their wives?” Ariel asks in the sixth edition of #ShareTheLoad.

Campaigns on this trend was accompanied by a powerful hashtags like #HappyInternationalWomensDay #breakthebias2022 #WomensDay #WomensDay2022 #Women #8thMarch #SearchForChange #BolneSeSabHoga #HerSHE #ManyShadesOneMe #BreakTheHairarchy #WomanOfMyOwn #LadyActYourAge #BustTheMyth and many more.

If we missed any of your favorite Women’s Day campaigns or creatives, please let us know in the comments.