Yoga is a way of life that promotes a healthy mind in a healthy body. Human is a physical, mental, and spiritual beings, and yoga promotes the development of all three. Other types of physical exercise, such as aerobics, only provide physical well-being. Yogic exercises replenish the body with cosmic energy and help to:

– Achieve perfect equilibrium and harmony

– Encourages self-healing.

– Removes mental blocks and toxins from the body Increases personal power

– Yoga for living a more conscious life

– Aids in attention, focus, and concentration, which is especially important in children


Amul India shared a creative that shows how the flavors of Amul make you go flexible, as well as one that shows how their product is as light as yoga and invites you to relish the delectable creamy spread without having to worry about calories.


Google put out a creative depicting the stretching poses and their algorithm.



Arre India presented a series of creative exhibits. Captioning,” The longest day of the year doesn’t have to be a plain boring Tuesday!”

Skore India

According to Skore India’s yoga day creative, there are several ways to be active in the morning. So, try every position you enjoy and include NOTHING in your daily sweat sessions.


Paytm shared a creative depicting the similarity between monthly finances and the yoga asanas.

Here are some observations from the social analysis report on Yoga Day.

There were a total of 2684 mentions by people and 47 mentions by media, with 773,388,581 impressions by people and 662,014,617 impressions by media. In terms of net sentiments, people score + with 64 percent, while media score + with 47 percent.

According to the city-wide analysis on this auspicious occasion, Mumbai tops the list with 241 mentions and a sentiment percentile of 66%. New Delhi and Bangalore came in second and third, with 237 and 131 mentions, respectively.

Moving on to the state-by-state analysis, Maharashtra comes first with 390 mentions. The National Capital Region and Uttar Pradesh came next, with 232 and 188 mentions, respectively.

India mentioned a total of 2684 with a sentiment score of +65%. On 2022 Yoga Day, the following hashtags were trending on social media: #internationalyogaday, #yoga #narendramodi #internationalyogaday2022 #pmmodi #patanjali #yogaday2022 #health #asana #7minutesofgoodhealth.

The related adjectives with this were “happy” with 622 mentions and followed by healthy and peaceful with the mention count of 569 and 459. The other adjectives were as follows: stronger, good, right, Indian, cultural, and international.

The top associations at this event were Narendra Modi, State Bank of India, Patanjali, Countdown, The event, Endeavour, Underoneroof, Tata, and Bank of India.

Midday, indiatvnews, shrawankejriwa1, KaulRajesh59, 1mgOfficial, IMSGhaziabad, indiacom, Statproindia, MercileZypthyon, and republic are the top campaign promoters.

The total mentions of the occasion on Facebook were 308 with net sentiments of +72%. Whereas on Instagram it goes to +95% with 49 mentions.

Adjectives that appeared to be more used with this campaign were aware, harmful, ill, severe, healthy, hazardous, free, happy, more, and healthier.
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