If you’re a regular social media user, your feeds are probably overloaded with the recent ‘Kehndi Hundi Si’ trend. The line is actually from AP Dhillon’s song Excuses, which has gone insanely viral digitally. The phrase roughly translates to “she used to say,” and it is now being used by many big brands. Here are some of the most amusing creatives from the trend.

The airline company Indigo posted, “ We’re grooving to this. Are you?”


“Kehndi hundi si ki best deal toh sirf yahin pe mildi hundi si!” Big bazaar posted on this trend.



Here’s a post shared by Dunzo under the trend that might make you laugh:



Zomato also displayed its humorous post on this popular trend:



Mother Dairy joined the trend with a different spin in the lyrics:



“kehndi hundi si, bill payment kara de”, wrote Paytm sharing the post showcasing the trending song.



While brands had their good hands full with numerous hilarious memes, YouTube creators couldn’t help but accede to the humour and come up with hilarious creativity.

“We ain’t giving no excuses but tussi ek vari khud try karyoge tad tvanu pata laguga ?.” wrote Burgerking.



Meanwhile, not to be outdone, these brands’ clever and funny one-liners invariably kept everyone amused.

Taking everything into account 40% of consumers follow social media accounts solely to be entertained. Since the release of Covid-19 and the world’s mood has darkened, 58 percent of users want to see more content that makes them laugh. That’s why top brands use humor in social media marketing.

What would you post in response to the Kehndi Hundi Si meme trend? Comment and let us know your humorous side.