Gender boundaries that were once very clear are gradually blurring as the modern world progresses. People are becoming more accepting of many things that were previously considered taboo. Keeping intimate hygienic practices is equally as important for all regardless of age and gender. And enlisting the assistance of some special intimate cleansers is never a dumb choice for maintaining proper hygiene levels. Not only are intimate washes for women available on the market these days, but there are also intimate washes for men. And, with so many options, it’s easy to become confused about which one to shop for.

We have a report from Amazon’s study of some of the most prominent intimate washes for men that really are accessible online in India to help you clear up any confusion.


Men using cosmetics is still frowned upon, and here is one such Men’s grooming brand: Breaking that one, Qraa Men. Men’s grooming is divided into the following markets: men’s shaving products, beard care, men’s skincare, men’s hair care, and men’s fragrance. Qraa Men is a completely self-funded startup with no outside funding.

Man matters

Man Matters, a wellness company based in Mumbai, is revolutionizing the way men approach their health & wellness concerns. They have a one-of-a-kind solution to sexual wellbeing, hair loss, weight loss, skin problems, mental health, and hygiene issues.

The brand was founded by men who realized they couldn’t find the right products and guidance for many of their issues and decided to change the way men view their relationship with their wellness. Man Matters has a premium line of products that have all been certified by the respective areas, whether it’s the FDA, FSSAI, or the Ministry of Ayush. These products are made with high-quality ingredients, and strict guidelines are followed all through the supply chain process to make sure the quality.



Nuutjob’s products are designed to assist men in keeping their intimates clean and dry. The products seek to prevent chafing, sweating irritation, bad odor, and itching, and to keep a healthy pH balance. It currently sells three manscaping products: an intimate wash, a deodorizer, and an intimate moisturizer.


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Moving ahead to our data analysis of men’s intimate wash brands are as follows:

QRAA has the highest monthly sales with 74.3 percent in the whole category, with Peesafe coming in second place. Taking the following analysis into account, QRAA has the highest revenue of 43.9 percent.

QRR has the highest average price of the product at 925.5, followed by Nuut at 862.2. QRAA has the highest number of reviews and monthly sales, with 8205 and 3446, respectively. Taking monthly sales by price over the last 90 days, Pee Safe comes out on top with 1728 monthly sales.

Many other brands are attempting to establish themselves in the men’s intimate hygiene market, including KRIS, Vlinder cosmetics, strictly for men, Svish on the go, and many more.

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