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Elevate your brand and watch your success story unfold with FLUODIGITAL!

We are a leading data-driven marketing agency, specializing in analytics and insights. We analyze your data to reveal your customers’ true story, shaping strategies that attract more engagement and new customers.

Transforming Data, Elevating Success!

Unleash the magic of data with us! We transform data into stories to help you understand your customers better. Receive concise and practical insights for maximum profit.

Precision Targeting for Peak Impact!

We redefine marketing efficiency by using strategies that attract more customers while optimizing costs.

Impactful Stories for Your Business Growth!

Our secret to customer acquisition – powerful messages without the price tag. We specialize in crafting impactful messages that will help you grow your business.


Passionate about the power of storytelling, crafting impactful campaigns and making brands shine, Rahul Soni is a director of brand marketing with experience managing global teams and multi-million-dollar campaigns.

He has a background in all areas of marketing, which manifests itself as a well-rounded and ambitious approach to marketing.

He loves the idea of trying to understand what people from different cultures want to see in ads, and that’s what he plans on doing.  “Digital marketing is always changing, which is great for me because I’m always looking for ways to learn more. It’s evident that there are many different things one can do with data, and I love finding out about them all!”

Rahul also helped improve his team’s productivity by strategically managing projects and making sure they had a work-life balance. Mindfulness is essential for success at work!

What We Offer ?


“FLUO uses beacons to identify the goal of each interaction. This is where we start with every interaction to help you achieve your goals across various channels.”

Biddable Media
FLUODIGITAL creates targeted audience profiles by combining consumer behavior with attribute-based definitions. Our goal is to create a consistent and efficient cross-channel experience through our services like Search Ads, Social Ads, Display Ads, etc.


Content Strategy

Our content strategy influences all parts of a company that lead people to it such as commerce marketplaces, social media sites, or apps. We also work closely with all stakeholders with content-based responsibilities in order to maximize their utility and attach them to their corresponding platforms.


Intent Segmentation

We cluster keywords by consumer mindset using our proprietary Intent Scoring Algorithm. This enables
us to activate keyword allocation, investment, and performance based on identified consumer mindset,
to optimize our clients’ marketing campaigns.


Investment Strategy

We take an analytics-driven, multi-factor approach to cross-channel investment strategy. We consider all variables channel metrics, sales, seasonality, offline (TV, OOH), competition to generate statistical analysis based on thousands of candidate models. Lift charts help us understand the impact of one channel on another, and continuous optimization regularly reflows budget to push performance.


Need Market Research ?

Reach out to a pool of vetted respondents globally and select from a variety of easy to use tools and methods.


What We Offer ?

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